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Parisian Culinary Adventures with Dana McMahon and Alison Settle – Explore the City’s Vibrant Gastronomic Scene

France is known throughout the world for it’s iconic landmarks, amazing history and, without a doubt, for it’s gastronomic excellence. More than just baguettes, charcuterie and cheese, in France, food is art. French cuisine is a celebration of flavors, with rich, delicious dishes like coq au vin, escargot, and boeuf bourguignon – it’s easy to see how the food-culture of France has inspired restaurants and chefs from all over the world.

Appreciation of food can even bring people together, like Dana McMahan and Alison Settle. Dana, a professional travel writer, had the opportunity to write about Alison, a professional chef, several times, and the two hit it off immediately and became friends. 

A Partnership & A Dream Project:

Dana, a francophile from a young age, told Alison about a dream of hers, leading culinary expeditions in Paris. Alison had previously spent time in Munich and was immediately interested in partnering with Dana. Two weeks later the women were on a flight to Paris to do a ‘test trip’ for their culinary tours and they had an amazing time successfully curating dinner experiences for large groups of people. 

The Upcoming Retreat – A Unique Experience:

After the success of their first initial retreat, they have plans for more, although they joke that they are ‘building the airplane’ as they fly it. Small groups of attendees will allow the two women to plan their trips around their guest’s interests including visiting specific restaurants, going to markets, going on picnics, taking trips to cookery stores PLUS saving some time to wander the streets and experience Paris for themselves, something both women think is important.

A Shared Passion – Creativity and Community:

The duo’s perspective on creativity involves a lot of consistency, bravery, support and community. Not only does it take bravery to plan and execute a retreat in a foreign country but the two work together to support and encourage each other to imagine and to dream. Crafting culinary art that people will experience on such a level is a deeply intimate experience and for Alison, that intimacy required to be creative while cooking necessitates vulnerability and trust, something she has found with Dana and her retreat attendees. 

Dana McMahan and Alison Settle – Connect with the Women Behind This Passionate Venture:

Aspiring and seasoned travelers, as well as those intrigued by their stories, can connect with Dana and Alison on their Instagram profiles. Explore Dana’s captivating Paris journey, or sign up for one of their culinary tours on her instagram and website, Elle Fera Fera, and find culinary inspirations and the occasional embarrassing selfie on Alison Settle’s Instagram, @alizasettle.

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