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Reinvention and Sustainability : The Journey of Parisian Soap Maker Carol Pincione

In today’s world, where sustainability and natural products have become increasingly important, we often forget the age-old traditions that our ancestors followed. One such tradition is the art of handcrafted soap making. Carol Pincione, an Italian living in Paris, France, turned her passion for soap making into a successful business.

From New York to Paris – A Post-Pandemic Lifestyle Change

Born and raised in Italy, Carol has a background in finance and accounting and was working in NYC as an accounting manager in construction management when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Suddenly finding herself at home with free-time and a need for soaps that were both effective at killing germs and gentle enough for her 4-year-old son to use, she began making soaps. As a result of the pandemic, Carol and her husband began to want a better work-life balance and a closer connection to their family and they decided to move to Paris to embark on a new journey.

Exploring the World of Soap Making

Carol’s first soap recipe came from a friend but she wasn’t completely satisfied with it and then began the research process to find a recipe she liked better. She took a training course in solid cosmetics, and underwent extensive research and consultations to ensure she understood the European regulations for cosmetics and to be sure all of her ingredients were certified and approved by the various authorities and were both sustainably and ethically sourced.

The Difference Lies in the Ingredients

This careful research helped Carol develop the ethos of her soap making company, one with a more human approach. It was not enough for Carol to just buy ingredients that are certified organic, she wanted to reach out to the suppliers, predominately small businesses, to establish relationships with them. For instance, Carol collaborates with a French coconut oil supplier that sources coconuts from small artisans in Sri Lanka, ensuring a sustainable and ethical supply chain. Additionally, her olive oil supplier in Italy follows a carbon-neutral approach. Carol’s commitment to using 100% vegetable-based ingredients and avoiding palm oil aligns with her vision of promoting sustainability and inspiring others to make eco-friendly choices.

Soap making is a delicate balance of oils, fats, and an alkaline solution, often sodium hydroxide. Carol emphasized the importance of safety measures, proper calculations, and temperature control during the process. Through experimentation and continuous learning, she has honed her skills to create beautiful, ethical, natural soaps.

Embracing Creativity and Overcoming Challenges

Carol’s journey from the world of finance to soap-making required immense creativity and resilience. Creativity, to Carol, is exploration, experimentation, and expressing oneself through talent and experience. She encourages others to stay curious and explore new avenues, emphasizing that even failures are opportunities for growth and improvement.

Inspiring Change, One Bar at a Time

As Carol builds her business, she is constantly inspired by the positive feedback from her customers. Users have reported significant improvements in their skin and the joy of using natural soaps instead of commercially produced ones. Additionally, Carol’s dedication to raising awareness about palm oil impact, plastic pollution, and sustainable ingredients through her Instagram page and website reflects her deep commitment to making a difference in our world.

We invite you to explore Carol’s soap-making journey further by visiting her website, Bolle di Natura (https://bolledinatura.com), or reaching out to her on Instagram.

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