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Ready to start that business? Life feels boring? Not sure what the next step is? I help struggling creatives find their voice and attract their ideal clients. We talk about your hopes and dreams and then break everything down into small actionable steps so you can get started in anything you want to achieve.

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Go at your own pace as you go inside the world of local artists in Paris. This online course takes you behind the scenes of real people living their creative dreams. Find your inner creative and breath new life into your daily routine with this exciting course.

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“I recently started my photography business and Krystal has given me advice to hit the ground running. She provided both practical advice on what areas of my business to concentrate on, and action items to propel my business forward. I've followed her advice, generated leads and shoots, and I'm excited for the future!”

“With Krystal's help I finally made my dream of publishing my childrens book a reality. She was readily available, enthusiastic, and knew exactly what to do when it came to marketing and publishing.”

“I was feeling overwhelmed and unhappy in my current job. I invested in Krystal's help and it completely changed my life. I took the leap and turned to painting as a full time career. She helped me with marketing and to think outside the box when it came to selling my work and making money doing something I love! MERCI Krystal!”

“Krystal gave me the confidence and advice to go out and start my own business when I was miserable in my circumstances. She has always been a source of joy and knowledge. I am grateful.”

I consider myself a serial entrepreneur, after moving to France 10 years ago and founding several successful businesses, I discovered a love of helping others do just the same! I’m here to help you crunch numbers, find your passion, and make a reality. I’m here to give you that little push, to cheer you on, and to give you actionable steps to get started. I love working one on one with people to make their dreams a reality. Let’s talk about that little whisper that’s been nagging at you for years, days, or weeks.

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We take you inside the work of real Paris artist and speak one one one with them

Join Krystal with over 10 years of experience in Paris as she shows you her favorite spots for inspiration, fun, and much more

Our groups are small so you can enjoy yourself and not feel rushed along. Discover Paris in a new way while finding inspiration.

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“Krystal is a 5 star class act that is the right amount of everything I need in my business coach. I met Krystal in Paris after having read her memoir. She took gorgeous photos of my husband and me, and I continued to keep in touch with her via Instagram. When it came time to learn more technical aspects of my camera so I could start my own photography business, I couldn’t think of anyone else but her that I wanted to learn from. She is gentle but firm, empowering and encouraging. My camera tutelage turned into her helping me develop my entire brand and multiple other aspects to incorporate into it. She identifies strengths and pushes on you to expound on those strengths. Her resources feel endless and I frequently go back to see which ideas I can utilize on any given day. My wins feel like her wins, and I love sharing everything with her, the ups and the downs. I’ve had other business coaches, and Krystal surpasses them in many ways. She is the right amount personal and personable mixed with business. She is a woman that I admire and model many things about myself after. I’m grateful this weird world brought us together, and I know we’ll continue our relationship and friendship for many years to come.”

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