Hello, I'm Krystal Kenney, a small-town dreamer turned Paris local. I love reading, adventures, and working with my little dog Coco at my side. My goal? To help others own their dreams and live a more creative life. Join me on this journey as we unlock your potential and turn your dreams into a reality. 

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Reconnect With Your Inner Child And Find Out What You Love

It’s time to get creative and reconnect with your inner child! Let go of all your worries and tap into your imagination! Rekindle the spark of creativity that we all have within us and explore new ideas and possibilities. You never know what incredible things will emerge when you make space for your inner child to be heard!

Be Curious

It’s time to take a step back and reconnect with your inner child! Let your imagination run wild and allow yourself to be free. Rediscover the joy of being alive and the innocence of exploring the world with a childlike sense of wonder. Embrace the journey and find the beauty in the little things that life has to offer.

Practice self-compassion

Practicing self-compassion can be a challenge, but it’s so worth it! Taking the time to be kind to yourself can make a huge difference in how you approach life. Make it a priority to remind yourself of your worth and take care of your emotional wellbeing.

Make time for play

It’s time to break out of the monotony and explore the world of adult play! From a game night with friends to an afternoon of kayaking, there are so many unique and rewarding ways to have fun as an adult. Here’s to creating memories and learning new skills – it’s time to play!

Write a letter to your inner child

Writing a letter to your inner child can be a powerful way to reconnect with yourself and refocus on your goals. Taking time to reflect on your innermost thoughts and feelings can be a great way to reinvigorate your passion and remind yourself of the importance of self-care. Writing down the words that come from your heart can be a freeing and empowering experience. So why not take a few moments to reconnect with your inner child and write a letter to yourself? It doesn’t matter if the words don’t make sense; it’s all about the feelings that come out onto the page. Who knows, you may just surprise yourself!

Identify your emotional triggers

We all experience certain emotions in response to certain triggers, but how can we identify what these triggers are? Here are 3 simple steps to help you identify your emotional triggers:

1. Notice the thoughts and feelings that come up when you experience a particular emotion.

2. Think about the context in which the emotion arose. What was happening? Who was there?

3. Reflect on the situation and consider what could have triggered the emotion.

We all have emotional triggers that can be identified with a bit of self-reflection. Taking the time to identify these triggers can help us be more mindful of our emotional responses and better equip us to manage them.

Mirror work

Mirror work is an incredibly powerful tool for self-reflection and growth. To get the most out of it, here are three steps to get started:

1) Start by facing yourself in the mirror and take a few moments to breathe and tune in to your feelings. 2) Spend some time really looking into your eyes and observe your reactions.

3) Finally, give yourself an honest and compassionate affirmation and take the time to really feel it.

With dedication and practice, you can start to unlock the transformative power of mirror work!

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