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Finding Your Voice with Georgia Aussenac

In a world that increasingly values productivity over creativity, finding joy in artistic pursuits can be transformative. Georgia Aussenac, a passionate vocal coach and classically trained singer, believes that every person has a unique voice worth celebrating. Her journey from a classical music education to empowering others to sing freely and joyfully is refreshing and welcoming.

The Journey to Paris

Georgia Aussenac is originally from Wellington, New Zealand and she initially moved to France for a high school and university exchange program. It was during this time that she met her now-husband, which prompted her to permanently move to Paris nearly a decade ago.

From Classical to Creative Freedom

Georgia’s singing career began in traditional classical music, encouraged by her early voice training and university education. However, over time, she realized that the rigid structures of classical singing did not resonate with her personal feelings and preferences. This realization led her to step away from the classical genre and explore singing on her own terms. Today, she sings a variety of styles—from classical to contemporary—and encourages others to find their true voice.

The Art of Singing: Technicalities Made Simple

One of the key distinctions Georgia makes is between classical singing and other forms of singing. Classical singing, often associated with opera, requires specific technical skills due to the need to fill large auditoriums without electronic amplification. This style is highly prescribed in terms of sound production and repertoire. In contrast, other genres like pop, musical theatre, and contemporary music offer more flexibility and personal expression, something Georgia passionately integrates into her lessons.

The Role of Technology in Modern Music

Georgia acknowledges the dual nature of modern technology in music production. On one hand, sound editing and technological advancements allow artists to experiment creatively. On the other hand, heavy reliance on technology can sometimes create unrealistic expectations for singers, especially beginners. She encourages her students to understand that everyone has access to these tools today, even on platforms like TikTok, and that professional singers often use these to enhance their naturally good voices.

Vocal Coaching: Reclaiming Voices

Aussenac’s work as a vocal coach goes beyond teaching singing techniques—it’s about reclaiming one’s voice. She specializes in helping beginners, intermediate, and returning singers rediscover joy in their singing. Her approach is all about creating a safe and playful environment where individuals can learn, explore, and integrate singing into their lives. She even offers specialized training for singing in French, reflecting her passion for the language.

The Intersection of Voice and Emotion

Singing is a deeply personal and emotional exercise. Georgia highlights how vulnerability plays a significant role in her coaching sessions. Whether it’s breaking into tears during a lesson or making a profound emotional connection through a song, she creates a space where her clients can navigate their feelings and express themselves freely.

Singing as a Path to Well-Being

Singing has numerous physical and emotional benefits. It activates the vagus nerve, which plays a critical role in our mind-body connection and can help calm the nervous system, reduce stress, and release endorphins. Georgia emphasizes that everyone can sing, and the act itself, irrespective of technical perfection, can bring immense joy and well-being.

Overcoming Self-Judgment

Georgia is passionate about challenging the norms around what is considered “beautiful singing.” Beauty in singing is subjective and often culturally bound. She encourages her clients to love their own voices and to let go of societal judgments. In doing so, they often discover a new-found love for their unique sound, which can be incredibly empowering.

Embracing Creativity

One of the most beautiful aspects of Georgia’s work is her emphasis on creativity. Singing is not just about producing perfect notes; it’s about being in the moment and expressing oneself. She advises focusing on the process rather than seeking perfection, which often leads to people achieving their goals more naturally.

Future Projects and Opportunities

Georgia continues to inspire and engage people through various projects. She hosts musical theater karaoke parties online that allow her clients to perform in a fun, pressure-free environment. Additionally, she offers one-on-one coaching for those looking to improve their speaking voices or delve into singing in French. All her sessions are conducted online, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Connect with Georgia Aussenac

Georgia is active on social media and offers numerous ways to connect with her work: on Instagram at @glvoice.fr on LinkedIn: Georgia Aussenac or sign up for her newsletter, “Voice Notes”, for more tips and insights. For more information you can visit her website :

Singing: https://glvoice.fr/sing
Vocal SOS: https://glvoice.fr/vocal-sos
French for singing: https://glvoice.fr/french-coaching

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