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Pioneering Vegan French Cooking with Sarala Terpstra

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Renowned art enthusiast and interviewer, Krystal Kenny, brings into focus an awe-inspiring concept of vegan French cooking in conversation with Sarala Terpstra. A manifestation of creativity and ingenuity, vegan French cooking has rapidly gained attention in the gastronomic world. An American girl who chased her dreams to Paris, France with a camera as her guide, provides us with an intimate chat with Sarala Terpstra — a woman passionate about transforming traditional French recipes into enticing vegan dishes.

In the wake of the rising popularity of veganism and plant-based diets, Sarala Terpstra has successfully ventured on an explorative journey of creating delicious, sustainable, and ethical cuisine.

A Journey — From France to Veganism

Intrigued by the vivid cultural contrasts, Sarala shares her experiences and delight in exploring France’s secrets. “The contrasts and the laid-back yet formal elegance of France fascinated me,” states Sarala. Unraveling her story, Sarala reflects on the lessons of quarantine. A period of uncertainty culminated in her innovative vegan French cooking project. She began veganizing traditional French recipes which offered a creative distraction.

Veganism and French Cooking

Translating her fascination into reality, Sarala takes on the challenge of incorporating plant-based alternatives into her efforts to veganize well-known French dishes. Sarala’s interaction with social media platforms such as Instagram helped her bond with like-minded people and strengthen her initiative. She offers valuable insights into the power of plant-based diets and veganism.

According to her, “veganism is more about the absence of animal products, whereas plant-based implies that you’re trying to consume primarily plants”. International cuisines can adopt veganism with ease, without losing their authentic flavor profiles or their traditional feel. She notes that one should think differently, instead of trying to emulate traditional animal product-based meals.

As a pro-tip, Sarala advocates patience in mastering the veganized alternatives such as using aquafaba (the liquid from a chickpea can) as a meringue alternative or using sweet potato slices in a Croque Monsieur.

Advice for Aspiring Vegan Cooks

“For those venturing into vegan or plant-based diets, be open to a new flavor and try to adapt accustomed palate to the newness,” recommends Sarala. In crafting her menu, she adapted tried and tested vegan cooking principles, mixed with her insights, to bring out the quintessential French flavors in her vegan dishes.


As Krystal concludes her charming tete-a-tete with Sarala, these candid confessions of a vegan French chef undoubtedly serves as a splendid source of inspiration for aspiring vegan cooks. Undeniably reflecting her love for plants, exploration, and the enigmatic French cuisine, Sarala Terpstra’s fascinating journey manifests the potential of innovative thinking backed by passion and determination.

To sum up, Krystal’s encounter with Sarala Terpstra serves as a testament to the beauty of creativity, experimentation, innovative and responsible cooking. The revitalizing conversation resonates with every listener, urging them to explore their creative abilities and challenge the conventional norms, not just in the culinary world, but in every walk of life. Indeed, the will to think differently and the love for nature make an impeccable balance that can change the world for the better.

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