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10 best vegan restaurants in Paris

Don’t let anyone ever tell you Paris doesn’t cater to vegetarians!

With extensive culinary history, French cuisine is amongst the best and most diverse worldwide. If you are headed to Paris and are vegan or are purely curious to know what The City of Lights has to offer, believe us when we say you will be indulging in spectacular food that will make your trip even more worthwhile. Over the past few years, plenty of restaurants offering plant-based options have popped up in the city. With that, we will get into our round-up of the ten best vegan restaurants in Paris.

Mesa, the new kid on the block, has opened its door in the heart of HOY- a new Parisian hotel celebrating vegetarianism. As a vegan restaurant in Paris, France, it combines artistry, innovation, plant-based cuisine, and locally sourced ingredients. The venue offers a breakfast-to-dinner menu prohibiting animal products – no eggs, meat, milk, cream, or fish. The culinary hub takes vegan gastronomy to new heights, presenting dishes inspired by the chef’s Latin American roots. Simply put, Mesa offers an unforgettable experience for vegans indulging in fancy plant-based dining.

It is undoubtedly the best vegan restaurant in Paris and has become a favorite hangout amongst healthy Parisians. It started as a cafe on rue Charlot, offering healthy coffee and tasty smoothies; it has now blossomed all over Paris, serving salad, smoothies, gourmet cake, and cold-pressed juices –  all 100% vegan. Beyond the organic beverages, it is also known for veggie treats filled with sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and marinated mushrooms.

Soya has been a mainstay of the Paris vegetarian dining scene since 2007, ultimately reaching the status of one of the greatest vegan restaurants in Paris. Over the years, it has gained a reputation for its incredibly generous and delicious brunch. Its menu fuses Asian and Italian influences into its diverse offerings, while the drinks range from organic wine to kombucha. The zen ambiance of this place, with dim lighting, makes it an ideal spot for date night. However, if brunch is not something on your agenda, there are buffet options too on the weekends, making it one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Paris ever!

This incredibly chic restaurant specializes in serving raw food, perfect for you as a vegan in Paris. The menu changes every day but you can always be sure to find tasty pasta dishes, such as raw lasagna made with spiralized veggies, legume salads, and interesting stuffings. The place is decorated in a minimalist manner that complements the food and fills up quickly during lunchtime, so consider stopping here a little early.

Considering croissants are essentially sacred in France, and their pastry depends on lots of butter, VG Pâtisserie has made miracles happen with its vegan cakes. The bakery and the cake shop opened in the spring of 2017. From that point on, their wonderful creations including pain au chocolat, cheese croissants, pizza slices, brioche, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate goodies have struck restaurant goers, making up for a dining experience of a lifetime.

  • Le Potager du Marais

Looking for traditional French cuisine with a vegan twist? Welcome to Le Potager du Marais. Set right in the heart of the fashionable Marais district, it serves a vegan adaptation of classic French affairs. With 100% vegan and natural ingredients, the items on the menu are gluten-free and, more importantly – incredibly tantalizing. This beautiful, cozy restaurant is a great place to unwind with a hearty, traditional meal and an organic wine. Rest assured; you’ll be setting yourself up for an experience that will make all your tastebuds dance with joy.

A young restaurant in Paris in a cozy yet trendy style, Brasserie Lola offers an entirely vegan menu. With a scrumptious version of French bistro food infused with Asian spices and flavors, you cannot miss visiting this place once in Paris. The vegetable risotto served with beet chips and spicy noodle salad with samosa and fried tofu is a must-try. Make sure to also save room for dessert- it’s delicious!

What can we say about Cloud Cakes besides that it’s one of the best vegan restaurants in Paris? With light buttery croissants and other tasty pastries, this eatery has everything you would want out of a patisserie – and it’s 100% vegan! One of their main highlights is the almond croissant which is a must-try. Plus, they offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner with everything from pancakes to avocado toasts to salads and sloppy Joe’s.

The small, vegan restaurant in Paris opens four days a week and has a rotating menu based on the season. Established in 2015, Le Potager has received quite acclaim in the vegetarian community. They offer an all-day breakfast menu on weekends and beer and wine in case all the unending healthiness is freaking you out!

  • Vegan Folie’s

As long as you are in Paris, don’t miss out on the world of the best French baked goods. At Vegan Folie’s, you can have your favorite pick without worrying about consuming anything animal related. So go ahead and get crazy! Some popular offerings include cherry cupcakes, carrot cake, chocolate, and caramel-baked cheesecake. Come for a piece of delicious cake or order a personalized one for a special occasion.

Over the years, Paris has become a vegan-friendly destination offering a wide range of plant-based restaurants, serving everything from juices to classic French pastries to fine dining. So whether you are a vegan in Paris or are simply looking to try something new, our comprehensive list of the best vegan restaurants in Paris is your ultimate guide to experiencing cities’ vibrant and delicious plant-based offerings.

We would invite our fellow Americans and urge them not to miss the list of beautiful restaurants and charming little cafes tucked away in hidden corners offering gourmet plant-based cuisine. The experience they offer is like no other!

Stay tuned to our blogs for more informational guides on culinary adventures in Paris!

Till then, Bon appetit!

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