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From an American Girl with Creative Dreams to a Stand-Up Comedian in Paris.

Listen to Sarah’s Story

Sarah Donnelly, a stand-up comedian, writer, and actress, has been performing in France and turning heads in the city of light. She is an American girl who chased her dreams all the way to Paris, using photography to pay her bills, while her passion drove her into the arms of stand-up comedy.

Originally, Sarah moved to France for love. Navigating through a crossroads in her life, she decided to move to Paris from the U.S. to be with her French boyfriend. This decision transformed into an artistic journey packed with interesting stories tagged along the way. And this journey paved the path to her comedy career.

The Struggles and the Thrills of Comedy

Sarah described her approach to being a successful stand-up comedian as not just going on stage and telling the jokes she has prepared. It is about learning how to read the room, understanding the energy, the vibes of the audience, and reacting accordingly. If a joke or a set is not resonating with the crowd, she’s not afraid to switch up strategies and improvise. The relationship with the audience is always a dance.

Opening for Gad Elmaleh, a famous French Comedian, is one of Sarah’s most memorable moments. Her journey from performing in an open mic to doing stand-up in both English and French, and later opening for Gad, is nothing short of inspiring. And the key to her success? Just start. Don’t wait for it to be perfect or to become an expert. Start doing it, make mistakes, learn from them, and then continue to improve.

Laughter Lost in Translation: Stand-Up Comedy Across Different Cultures

Performing humor across cultures and languages is a challenge. What’s deemed funny in one culture may not necessarily translate to another. Despite the language and cultural hurdles, Sarah studied her audience, crafted her jokes fitting their cultural understanding, and was able to elicit laughter across the borders.

Mom, Wife, and A Comedian: Navigating Life and Laughter

Sarah’s biggest source of inspiration? Her family life. She creates a balance between respecting the privacy of her family and bringing the humor from her everyday life as an American mom raising French kids into her stand-up routine. She makes the experiences relatable by expressing universal feelings – embarrassment, love, regret – that cross all cultures and resonate with everyone.

As an international stand-up comedian, Sarah Donnelly has been making waves and proving that laughter can truly transcend borders. Her journey serves as inspiration for any aspiring artist to follow their dreams, no matter where they lead, and to not be afraid to see the humor in one’s ordinary life. Her story is a testament to the intersection of love, life, comedy, and the magic of relentlessly pursuing one’s passion.

In her own words, “you don’t have to stop creating.”

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