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Founder of La Cuisine Paris, Jane Bertch shares her Paris story

Listen to Jane’s Story

In one of the recent episodes of the La Vie Creative podcast, host Krystal Kenny had a deep and engaging conversation with the founder of La Cuisine Paris, Jane Bertch. La Cuisine Paris is a beloved cooking school located along the beautiful Seine bank in Paris.

Cultivating Creativity and Building Community

Jane and Krystal explore the enriching journey of living creatively, striving for entrepreneurial success, and understanding the power of community. Jane shares her fascinating journey from working in the finance sector to founding a French cooking school. The transformation is the result of her never-repressing desire to create and innovate.

During their exchange, Krystal applauds Jane for La Cuisine Paris’s focus on community and delivering exceptional experiences, Musing upon the subject, Jane fascinatingly relates, “We’re not doing cooking classes. We’re doing memories.”

The French Culture and Entrepreneurship

Krystal and Jane also delve into the contrast between French and foreign entrepreneurs within the French culture. Jane elaborates on how French culture emphasises practising a specific métier or profession and how this can clash with an entrepreneur’s fresh ideas and novelties, making entrepreneurship in France both challenging and rewarding.

Recognising Everyone’s Creativity

Throughout the conversation, they profoundly and empathetically discuss creativity and how everyone holds the potential to be creative. Jane expressed her belief that creativity is not limited to artistry—it’s about manifesting ideas from inspiration.

Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Jane shares how La Cuisine Paris adapted to the pandemic-induced challenges by launching online cooking classes. She emphasises the importance of maintaining their core focus: community. The commitment and resilience demonstrated by Jane and her team reflect the unstoppable spirit of entrepreneurs, even in the face of a crisis.

Helping Others—A Unique Joy

A significant highlight of their conversation is Jane’s joy in mentoring and helping others start their businesses. She empathises with the struggles and challenges of budding entrepreneurs and derives immense satisfaction from contributing to their success, terming it the most rewarding experience.

The enlightening chat between Jane and Krystal offers an enriching perspective on creativity, community, entrepreneurship, and perseverance. The lessons extracted from their explorative conversation continue to inspire to live creatively, to take the entrepreneurial leap, and most importantly, to extend a helping hand in the journeys of others.

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