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Making Paris Her Canvas: The Creative Journey of Landon Kerr

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The journey of pursuing your creative dreams often leads you down paths you never would have imagined. For Landon Kerr, this path took her all the way to Paris, France. A place known worldwide for its robust art scene and awe-inspiring scenery, Paris has become the backdrop for Landon’s creative endeavors.

Discovering a Love for the Parisian Life

As a passionate artist and creator, Landon made a bold move in 2018 when she decided to move to Paris. This decision was spurred by her deep longing to create and immerse herself in a creatively stimulating environment. Falling head over heels for the city during a semester overseas, she knew that Paris was where she wanted to be.

The move was a journey in itself as she planned and arranged the necessary logistics. From getting her visa to finding an apartment, Landon shared the highs and lows of navigating a major life change. Interestingly, announcing her decision to move to everyone she knew not only made it feel real but also held her accountable.

Embracing Life in Paris

In Paris, Landon was drawn to capturing everyday life through photography. Her work renders an exciting perspective of Paris that led her to connect with a broader audience via Instagram. She quickly amassed a large following who appreciates her unique, artful portrayal of the city.

Despite feeling the pressure to post every day and maintain engagement with the Instagram algorithm, Landon enjoys sharing snapshots from her Parisian life. With each post, she aims to bring a little bit of joy and Parisian charm to her followers.

However, when the global pandemic hit, she had to pivot. With travel planning put on a halt and more time spent at home, Landon turned her love for vintage French antiques into an online business. She now sells an array of carefully selected pieces through her online shop, taking her followers on a journey into historical French artistry.

Learning Through Life’s Chaotic Canvas

Living in Paris and pursuing her creative dreams has unquestionably influenced Landon. As an American artist in Paris, she learned to be more independent, resilient and effectively deal with challenges alone. She experienced the infamous challenges of life in France firsthand, from bureaucracy to daily life surprises. Yet, these trials only seem to fuel her creativity.

Landon advises budding creatives to find a balance between learning and taking action. She emphasizes the importance of simply diving in and making adjustments along the way. It is through trying, failing, and adjusting that we find our path and unlock our creative potential.

Landon’s journey offers a unique perspective on embracing creativity, adapting to a new culture, and turning passions into a fulfilling career. As she continues to shape her creative landscape in Paris, she leaves us with an inspiring message: to fill our lives with meaningful moments captured through our creative lens. And who knows? We might just find our city of dreams along the way.

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