Digging deep into the widely desired lifestyles of those who pursue creative career paths, La Vie Creative explores artistic living in Paris and beyond, with weekly episodes that delve into the building blocks of creative success in an inspiring, authentic and actionable manner.

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Bonjour mes amis! I’m Krystal Kenney

Meet the hostess —

American expat and photographer Krystal Kenney hosts the show and leads with inspiring energy and insight from the offset. She then welcomes onboard a plethora of guests from various creative backgrounds – travel photography, floristry, music, writing – and her welcoming yet inquisitive approach allows for some genuine, deeply human conversations, which prove refreshing, often motivational, and always a pleasure to listen to.

A Walk Through French History with Claudine Hemingway

Ep. 02

Creativity, Paris, and Painting: An Interview with Dreama Tolle Perry

Ep. 27

Inside the world or Parisian Author and Influencer Anna Kloots

Ep. 112

Sharon Santoni Shares her French Countryside Life

Ep. 35

Interview with abstract artist Chen Sands

Ep. 220

Join us every week as we dive into the lives of creatives inspired by Paris, France

A podcast to enrich your life and help you find your true passions again.

La Vie Creative Podcast

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La Vie Creative Podcast

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Krystal is a fantastic and engaging host! She always brings on wonderful guests with inspiring stories and you can tell just how much the pair are enjoying themselves throughout. It also inspires me in my own creative endeavors.

It doesn't look like I'll be going to Paris anytime soon, but Krystal's podcast satisfies the itch. Her diverse guests open up about their creative lives and make the listeners feel like we're having coffee together at a sidewalk cafe.

A great podcast to connect with creativity, French culture and fun history lessons!

I really like these podcasts because they are fun, interesting and I always learn something! I really love that she interviews people with such unique perspectives and my favorite have to be the women of France series. Krystal is funny and does a good job adding humor and authenticity to her subjects.

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