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Creative Adventures in French Country Life: Interview with Sharon Santoni

Welcome to the backstage of La Vie Creative podcast, where tales of creativity, passion, and imagination take the center stage. In episode 35, our delightful host, Krystal Kenney, chats with the inspiring Sharon Santoni. Based in France, Sharon is a successful blogger turned entrepreneur, with an inspiring story of following her creative dreams.

Celebrating the French Country Life

In this episode, we hear about the woman who started a simple blog and built it into a wonderland attracting millions of visitors every year: Sharon Santoni. A brief introduction of Santoni multi-dimensional venture is revealed – including her magazine, blog tours, and heartwarming books which provide a glimpse into the peaceful French country life.

After the hearty introduction, the conversation takes a thrilling turn with Sharon sharing her love for podcasts and expressing her excitement about experiencing the guest side of a podcast.

A Journey to a Life in France

Krystal dives into the most fascinating aspect of Sharon’s life: her move to France, and the profound impact it had on her life. Sharon narrates her story – the leap from studying in Nice to embracing the French lifestyle, eventually finding love and starting a family.

This episode delves into Sharon’s exploration of what creativity meant to her. She points out that creativity can take many forms – from raising children, gardening and cooking to running a business – all of her activities fuel her creativity on a daily basis, and contribute to her happiness.

The conversation further unveils Sharon’s perspective on the importance of social media and why being in France motivates her creatively. Sharon finds the immediate, quick-paced nature of Instagram exceptionally appealing and shares her thoughts on the platform being one of the most creative mediums.

A Business Journey

After sharing her journey from motherhood to becoming a creative businesswoman, Sharon provides valuable business advice for individuals planning to pursue creative endeavors as a profession. She advises taking baby steps, doing what feels comfortable, and enjoying every moment in the journey.

A particular highlight of the episode is Sharon’s insights into her upcoming projects. Despite the pandemic, Sharon is empowering her creativity and is gearing up for her future tours in 2021. She is particularly excited about her retreat and tour themed “Reinvention”, aiming to inspire and connect with like-minded individuals.

Wrapping Up

Creating a fulfilling, creative life is possible. This episode with Sharon Santoni underscores the essence of creativity in our lives and how it can profoundly alter our perceptions. We hope it inspires you to take the first step towards pursuing your creative passions.

So, don’t let the fear of the unknown halt your progress. With every episode of La Vie Creative, we demonstrate the power of art and creativity through the stories of those who dared to push the boundaries of imagination.

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