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Creativity, Paris, and Painting: An Interview with Dreama Tolle Perry

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Today, Krystal interviews a self-taught painter and writer, Dreama Tolle Perry who transformed her life when she began to listen to her heart and nourish her creativity. Dreama has traveled the world teaching and painting, extensively in Paris and Italy. Now, she is taking her teaching online, bringing the beauty of art, creativity and these rich cultural capitals to everyone virtually.

Dreams and Inspiration of Dreama

Dreama started painting around 35 years ago. In 2009, she opened a blog posting small daily paintings. Dreama suggests fellow artists to take the next step in their creative journey as you never know what doors it may open. She herself was surprised on the direction her journey took her, she became more involved with teaching, first locally and then nationally.

In addition to her teaching, Dreama also inspires creativity online with her adventure-style courses. She takes her students virtually to Paris, France, and Tuscany, Italy. These courses are not only instructional but also highly inspirational. They’re about keeping oneself inspired and maintaining the motivation to create, something that’s particularly significant when creativity is generally a solitary endeavour.

Bridging Creativity with Business

When it comes to the business side of art and creativity, many artists find it discomforting, especially when setting a price on their creation. This fear, which every artist experiences, often arises from sharing something personal and intimate with the world and then setting a monetary value for it. But something Dreama encourages her fellow artists to understand is that in addition to being an artist, you’re also providing a service. She views her paintings as an exchange of joy with the ones who appreciate and resonate with her artworks.

While transitioning from being an amateur artist to a professional one, Dreama had to fight or her own creative voices and do something seemingly different yet very personal. It was indeed scary to put out something that did not seem seriously artistic, like when she started painting her cat. However, after posting her paintings, she found that many people loved it. This taught Dreama an important lesson – it’s essential to follow your impulses and intuition, even if they lead you to do something unexpected in your art.

Art and Creativity Insights

Dreama emphasizes that everyone is creative and creativity is about bringing the unseen into a visible space. While it may be scary to put your creativity out there, as it feels like revealing a part of you, Dreama believes that sharing one’s creativity is necessary.

When asked how Dreama differentiates the calling of her heart from the shadow of her ego, Dreama suggests that when you are in a state of tranquility and clear mind, the voice of your heart suggests things with love and without fear. Whereas, the ego voice is often loud and fear-driven.

Looking forward to her future work, Dreama is thrilled about the endless possibilities. She is not one for a five-year plan, rather, Dreama likes to do things that she’s truly excited about. As she says, we’re here for a short time and we need to pursue things that truly fill us up – making your joy a priority.

Dreama’s Paris and Tuscany online courses imbue almost the same energy as actually being there. They’re designed in an immersive format to provide the participant with an enriching artistic experience. Whether enjoying her inspirational painting classes at home or in Paris, Dreama continues to spread joy and inspire creativity in every artist’s heart.

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