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Still Laughing Through The Louvre: Catching Up with Cedrik Verdure After Four Years

Art and humor might seem like parallel tracks that never meet, yet Cedrik Verdure has made it his mission to merge these two worlds. Cedrik comes back to the podcast this week to discuss his unique approach to guiding tours through the Louvre Museum, his new ventures, and his love for all things art.

Cedrik’s Creative Journey:

Cedrik was originally a guest on La Vie Creative podcast during the COVID-19 pandemic (episode 68) where he spoke all about his deep appreciation and understanding of art history. He eventually paired that love with his penchant for making jokes and in 2016 he established “Laugh Your Way Through The Louvre” a comedic guided tour through the Louvre. Cedrik has since expanded his repertoire to include several books and audio guides, reaching audiences far beyond the museum’s walls.

Art and Humor: A Unique Blend:

One of the cornerstones of Cedrik’s method is his belief in the power of humor to make art more accessible. He explains that by adding comedy to history, he keeps museum visitors engaged and entertained, transforming potentially monotonous tours into memorable experiences. This unconventional approach has not only captivated audiences from around the globe but has also garnered rave reviews.

Cedrik’s work has expanded beyond the Louvre and now includes audio guides for museums and cities worldwide that you can purchase on his Patreon. His criteria for selecting subjects for his guides reflect his penchant for the unconventional, focusing on what he describes as “badass painters” and movements that went against the mainstream.

Facing the Future: Creativity, AI, and the Unchanging Importance of Art:

Despite it’s long history, contemporary issues in the art world continue to crop up, including the role of AI and the enduring importance of creativity. Cedrik believes that technology, while disruptive, can also open new avenues for artistic expression and appreciation. He maintains that art’s relevance remains unchanged; it continues to be a vital part of human experience, adding beauty, depth, and meaning to our lives.

Cedrik believes that creativity lies in the importance of consistency and the willingness to embrace surprises. Cedrik’s advice to aspiring artists and creatives is to show up every day, to be curious, and to create relentlessly.

Finding Humor and Beauty in Art with Cedrik Verdure:

Cedrik Verdure’s journey is a testament to the power of blending passions and thinking outside the conventional boundaries of art appreciation. His story offers inspiration and insight for anyone looking to explore their creative gifts or simply to see the world of art through a more playful and engaging lens.

You connect with Cedrik by taking his tour : Laugh Your Way Through the Louvre, reading his book, following him on Instagram @laughinmuseums, by checking him out on youtube, or by subscribing to his Patreon.

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