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Love. Faith. Resilience. – Hip-Hop and Bou’s Commitment to Supporting Artists

From a young tennis player, to a hip-hop-artist, music producer and life coach Bou’s creative journey as a multi-talented artist is one marked by passion and drive. Learning from artists around her, Bou explored her interests, made mistakes, and learned lessons, eventually finding her rhythm.

From Paris Suburbs to the World

Bou was born and grew up in the suburbs of Paris in a multi-cultural family, with roots in both Réunion Island and Martinique Island. From a young age, she and her siblings were encouraged to pursue both sporty and creative outlets. Bou began playing tennis, the piano and studying music theory, eventually becoming a champion tennis player who wrote lyrics and poems in her free time. After a shoulder injury left her unable to play tennis, she felt free to pursue her dreams of hip-hop and rap.

The Healing Power of Music

With this new-found freedom, music became more than just a creative outlet for Bou; it became a form of therapy and self-expression. Leaning on her community and attending showcases, open mics, and contests, she began to share her music with the world. Through her music, she delves into her experiences as a young Black girl in the suburbs of Paris facing discrimination, anger, pain, rejection, and ultimately self-acceptance.

A Supportive Force for Artists

As Bou reflected on her community and the way that they lifted her up, as well as the journy’s of her favorite artists like Justin Bieber and Rihanna, she had an idea. She wanted to be a supportive and driving force for other artists so in 2018 she created her own music label. Another intense learning experience, this project taught Bou about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and valuable lessons about management and collaboration.

Empowering Others Through Life Coaching

Through her time as a music producer, Bou discovered how much she enjoyed nurturing emerging talents and then used that knowledge to pivot to life coaching, merging her creative intuition with a deep sense of empathy and understanding. Guiding individuals through personal growth and self-discovery, Bou’s coaching approach emphasizes authenticity, trust, and empowerment. She ignites a spark of inspiration in others, helping them unlock their full potential and embrace their unique journey.

Love. Faith. Resilience.

Bou’s story, full of creativity, resilience, and self-belief combined with her affinity for inspiring people led her to create her own Podcast: Love. Faith, Resilience. On her podcast she interviews inspiring people on topics that are close to her, imposter syndrome, positivity and more. Her ability to weave personal narratives into compelling music and coaching sessions showcases a deep understanding of the human experience and the universal language of art.

Connecting with Bou

To delve deeper into Bou’s artistry and coaching journey, follow her on Instagram as @ucancallmebou check her out on Facebook here, and subscribe to her YouTube channel, BouOfficiel.

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