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The Journey of an Artist in Paris: A Conversation with David Wallace

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Music has the power to transcend language and culture barriers. As we explore the life of an artist in one of the world’s most artistic and musical cities – Paris, France, we had the opportunity to speak with a talented musician who has made this city his home – David Wallace. He moved all the way from Minneapolis, USA to the City of Lights, chasing his creative dreams and has solidified a career by playing music live for audiences large and small.

The Parisian Adventure

David’s passion for music was apparent from our conversation, as well as his deep respect for and devotion to his discipline. He tells us about his early beginnings in Minnesota, his love for guitar playing as a hobby, and his journey to Paris, fueled by an existential crisis and a strong faith in God.

Lured by the allure of Paris’ lively music scene, with its diverse mix of street jams, concerts and open mics, David found himself drawn to the city’s pulsating rhythm. He eloquently speaks of how he left his home, purchased with the savings from his stint at Principal Financial Group, to further pursue his musical endeavours, referring to it as “hanging up his tie and picking up his guitar.”

When asked about his life in Paris as a full-time musician, David lays bare the realities behind the glamour. He highlights instances of playing in senior residences and busking on streets to make ends meet during the difficult period of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also speaks openly about the challenging aspect of playing in venues where the trio might simply be background ambience, rather than the focal point of the evening.

Art and Creativity

Touching upon creativity, David talks about how he sees creativity as “creating something out of whatever influences and inspires you.” He further expands on this system of values, stating his belief in using one’s unique and creative talents to enrich the world and serve others. This sentiment, he emphasises, applies to everyone as he believes that we all have our purpose and reason in life.

Crafting the Soundtrack of Paris

Becoming a part of the Paris music scene was not without its challenges. Street performances, known as busking, were one such challenge. David discusses how his busking days were often met with police interference. Despite these challenges, he maintained a fervor for performing and creating his craft, developing solid relationships with fellow musicians and finding the joy in sharing his music with others.


While there are highs and lows in the life of an artist, there’s no doubt that passion and talent shine through all adversity. David’s journey is a testament to these extraordinarily ordinary facets of an artist’s life. His love for jazz, his dedication to his craft and his adventures in the city of Paris are surely inspiration enough for anyone with a suppressed dream, an artistic soul, or merely the need to listen to an authentic, soulful melody.

In his own words, “we’re most like our creator when we are creating.” And how beautiful and profound it is, to be able to connect, inspire, and serve others through our creativity. For David Wallace, every chord strummed, every word spoken, and every note played, is an echo of his self, a reflection of his dreams in the magical world of Parisian music. So next time you’re in Paris, remember to check out a live music gig and spare a thought to ‘the artist’. You might just find yourself moved to dance, smile and relive memories through the enchanting strains of music.

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