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Lucille Pialot, a French Fashion designer from the South of France

Listen to Lucille’s Story:

Lucille is originally from Lyon but has deep roots in the south of France. Her family hails from Nice and Camargue, and her cultural heritage is deeply intertwined with the local culture of the region. Lucille’s passion for fashion and textiles was evident from a young age, with her great-grandparents being weavers and instilling in her a love for the craft. Despite her family’s reservations, Lucille pursued her dream of becoming a fashion designer and studied broad design, specializing in weaving, knitting, and silk screen printing. She eventually worked for renowned brands like LVMH and Kenzo, but felt creatively restricted in the luxury industry.

Embracing a New Direction:
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lucille found herself reevaluating her career and reconnecting with her passion for textiles. She decided to take a leap of faith and start her own brand, focusing on home linens and fashion accessories inspired by the rich heritage of the south of France. Through her brand, Pastis Sole, Lucille aims to bring back the traditional craft of weaving and create unique, meaningful pieces that reflect the joie de vivre of the region.

The Inspiration Behind Pastis Sole:
Lucille draws inspiration from various sources, including traditional textiles, local ceramics, and the vibrant nature of Provence. She meticulously researches old textiles, modernizes them, and weaves her own fabrics using artisanal techniques. Her designs often feature paisley patterns mixed with colorful floral motifs, creating a unique blend of Provencal and exotic aesthetics. Lucille’s passion for her craft is palpable in her commitment to sourcing materials locally and focusing on responsible production.

Craftsmanship and Responsibility:
What sets Lucille’s work apart is her dedication to preserving and honoring the knowledge and craftsmanship of traditional textiles. She works closely with small factories, adapting her artisanal techniques to be reproduced on old machines. Her fabrics are of the highest quality, as she collaborates with reputable manufacturers, including the same factory that prints for Chanel. In addition, Lucille prioritizes sustainability by upcycling fabric and choosing responsible sourcing for her materials.

Creativity and Connection:
Lucille’s creativity is deeply rooted in her love for textiles and her connection to the land and culture of the south of France. She sees the world through a unique lens, finding inspiration in everything from old ceramics to the vibrant colors of nature. Her creativity is not only about generating ideas but also about problem-solving and bringing her vision to life. Through Pastis Sole, Lucille hopes to not only share her creative journey but also encourage others to slow down, appreciate meaningful moments, and live a more creative life.

Lucille Pialot is a true creative force, infusing her passion for textiles and the South of France into every aspect of her work. Through her brand, Pastis Sole, she breathes new life into traditional craft techniques while embracing modernity and sustainability. Lucille’s linens and fashion accessories tell a story of heritage, joy, and connection. By supporting her brand, you not only bring a piece of Provence into your home but also contribute to the preservation of a rich artistic tradition. Take the leap and immerse yourself in the world of Pastis Sole – experience the vibrant colors, patterns, and joie de vivre of the South of France firsthand.

Check out Pastis Sole’s website here and follow Lucille on Instagram @pastis_sole for a glimpse into her creative process and the beauty of the South of France.

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