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Elevate Your Creative Business: Copywriting Insights from Andrea Shah

In business, the ability to communicate effectively and authentically is extremely important. Creative businesses are no different. In order to connect with your ideal clients or audience, you must have good communication. Meet Andrea Shah, an expert copywriter. From spending summers in France to finding one’s unique voice, Andrea’s experiences and strategies provide a roadmap for creatives looking to refine their copywriting skills.

Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places

Andrea Shah’s connection with France began as a practical decision to teach her daughter a new language. Yet, it transformed into an annual journey of inspiration. The slower pace and rich culture of central France, specifically Clermont-Ferrand, have become a creative haven for Andrea. This change of scenery encourages fresh perspectives and rejuvenates her creative spirit. “As a creative, moving around a little bit makes you look at things with fresh eyes,” she remarks. This sentiment is a powerful reminder of the importance of stepping outside one’s usual environment to gain new insights and inspiration.

The Unexpected Path to Copywriting

Andrea’s path to becoming a copywriter wasn’t straightforward. Originally trained as a translator, she transitioned into copywriting during the pandemic when the film and TV industry came to a halt. Leveraging her background in translation and SEO, Andrea began helping a friend with website copy, which led to a flourishing career in copywriting. Her journey is a testament to the idea that sometimes, a detour can lead to discovering one’s true calling.

The Essence of Good Copywriting: Research and Authenticity

Andrea emphasizes that effective copywriting is more about research than writing. “Good copywriting is so much more research and then you do the writing,” she explains. Understanding clients’ goals, their brand voice, and their market is crucial. This meticulous research is the foundation upon which compelling and authentic copy is built. One of the biggest challenges Andrea faces is helping clients find their authentic voice. Many come from traditional job backgrounds where expressing personality is discouraged. However, in the creative industry, personality can be a significant differentiator. Andrea’s method involves extensive reading and conversations with clients to uncover their genuine voice, thus ensuring their personality shines through in their copy.

Navigating Modern Challenges

In today’s digital age, concerns about cancel culture can make clients hesitant to fully express themselves. Andrea advises that not every client will be a perfect fit, and that’s okay. “You have to accept that you cannot be for absolutely every person,” she states. Focusing on attracting clients who resonate with your true self ultimately leads to more meaningful and productive collaborations.

Common Copywriting Mistakes

Andrea points out common mistakes creatives make with their copy. The first is focusing too much on themselves instead of their clients. Shifting the copy from an “I” focus to a “you” focus helps potential clients envision working with you. Secondly, it’s essential to highlight not just the features of a service or product but its benefits and emotional impact. This approach creates a stronger connection with the audience.

Social Media vs. Website Copy

There’s a subtle difference between writing for social media and writing for a website. Social media copy can be more casual and spontaneous, aiming to draw people into your world. In contrast, website copy should be more goal-focused and structured to guide visitors toward taking action, whether that’s booking a call or making a purchase.

The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for maintaining a long-term online presence. While social media platforms are unpredictable, a website well-optimized for search engines can consistently attract and convert visitors. Andrea advocates starting small, learning the basics of SEO, and gradually incorporating it into your website to improve visibility and attract your ideal audience.

Practical Copywriting Tips

  1. Let it rest: After writing, leave the copy for a few days and then revisit it with fresh eyes.
  2. Voice memos: Sometimes, talking through ideas can be more effective than writing them down immediately. Record voice memos to capture spontaneous thoughts.
  3. Client-focused writing: Shift the focus of your copy to how your services benefit your clients rather than just describing your services.

Authenticity: The Key to Connection

Andrea stresses the importance of authenticity in copywriting. Your website should accurately reflect who you are, ensuring clients have a consistent experience from their first interaction to working with you in person. This approach builds trust and sets the stage for successful collaborations.

Embrace the Journey

Creativity is about creating something out of nothing, and copywriting is no different. By blending inspiration, thorough research, and genuine self-expression, creatives can craft copy that resonates deeply with their audience. Andrea Shah’s insights remind us that the journey to mastering copywriting is ongoing and filled with opportunities to connect, inspire, and transform. For more insights, visit Andrea’s website at andreashaw.com and follow her on Instagram @andreashawcopy.

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