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Unveiling Omer Majiauk’s Artistic Odyssey: A Journey Through Screen Printing, Travel, and Connection


In the latest episode of our creative podcast, we had the pleasure of welcoming back the talented Parisian-based artist, Omer Majiauk. Having previously graced our show, Omer took us on a captivating exploration of how the evolving facets of his work and creative pursuits have intricately shaped his craft and career over the years.

Discovering Passion in Screen Printing:

Our conversation ventured into Omer’s newfound passion for screen printing, a dynamic medium that has become the canvas for his unique ideas. Omer expressed his joy in the exploration of this technique, highlighting its ability to transform digital designs into tangible works bursting with life, color, and textural richness. By seamlessly bridging the gap between the digital and the physical, Omer has discovered a fresh oasis of creativity that breathes life into his artistic vision.

Influence of Travel on Artwork:

Omer’s art reflects the rich tapestry of his extensive travels, where each journey becomes a source of inspiration. His recent project, inspired by a thematic series in Air France magazine, pays homage to historical journeys to Japan in the 1950s. Responding to the artistic call embedded in typography and design, Omer masterfully crafted a composition of fresh colors intertwined with vintage texts and logos, showcasing the harmonious blend of diverse influences in his work.

Embracing the Artistic Process:

Our conversation delves into the risk and courage intrinsic to Omer’s artistic process. Each piece of art represents an intricate web of creative decision-making and instinctual risk-taking. Omer’s journey is marked by a constant push beyond boundaries, a personal and professional leap into uncharted territories that unveil new possibilities in creative expression.

The Essential Connection:

As an artist, Omer finds deep fulfillment in the connections his work creates. These connections, cultivated within the audience as they interact with his creations, form a universal conversation that transcends language and culture. Omer cherishes the unspoken understanding that occurs between a viewer and an art piece, shaping the essence of communication within the art world.

Final Reflections:

Omer’s artistic journey is a testament to the ever-evolving universe of art. Influenced by travels and personal growth, his career has entered an exciting chapter with screen printing. Amidst this exploration of creative mediums, personal expression remains Omer’s constant companion, reminding us of the incredible opportunity artists have to communicate truths, challenge norms, and connect on a deep, universal level.


Follow Omer’s incredible artistic journey on Instagram and TikTok, and delve deeper into his collection on his website. As he forges ahead in his artistic adventure, anticipate fresh insights and vibrant pieces yet to be unveiled. Join us in witnessing Omer Majiauk’s mark on the world of contemporary art, one brick at a time.

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