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Unlocking Creative Healing: Insights from Astrology Coach Sara Boss

In a world where creativity meets spirituality, the journey of Sarah Boss is one of wisdom, self-reflection and healing. With a love for all things artistic and a profound connection to astrology and holistic healing, Sarah’s story is both inspiring and enriching.

A Lifelong Passion for France

Sarah Boss’s journey begins with a deep-seated love for France, nurtured since childhood. Her mother, a French professor, regularly took her to Paris, instilling in her a fascination for the city. This bond with Paris grew stronger over the years, leading Sarah to study French literature in college and spend significant time in the French capital.

“I think I was probably French in a former life,” she says, reflecting on her deep connection to the city’s art, culture, and especially its desserts.

The Feminine Energy of Paris

Sarah believes that Paris embodies a vibrant feminine energy, which she describes as the energy of creation. The city’s ability to engage all the senses and its rich cultural tapestry make it an inspiring place for creatives. Sarah attributes her personal growth and embodiment of feminine energy to her time spent in Paris.

“The energy of Paris just engages what I love about it. It really engages all of the senses and it just opens you up to, you know, I think of it from a spiritual perspective, the feminine energy, which is the energy of creation,” she explains.

Astrology as a Tool for Self-Discovery

Sarah is not just a lover of Paris; she is also a certified astrology coach. She combines astrology with life coaching and holistic healing to help people navigate major life transitions. For Sarah, astrology is more than just horoscopes; it’s a profound tool for understanding oneself and one’s life journey.

“Astrology is a tool that really helped me personally to develop so much understanding and self-awareness around accepting really who I am, delving into my deepest authenticity and my gifts,” Sarah shares.

The Healing Journey

Sarah’s path to becoming a holistic healer started during her time in New York City. Despite not being particularly happy in the city, she began meditating, reading intuitive cards, and eventually got certified in Reiki. This opened up a world of opportunities and led her to China, where she continued her healing journey.

“Living in Asia really opened me up to healing from the perspective of experiences,” Sarah says. Her travels to India and Thailand further enriched her understanding of healing and self-empowerment.

Overcoming Obstacles and Understanding Inner Blocks

One important lesson Sarah has learned is how external challenges often mirror internal states. She advises that periods of feeling stuck or facing obstacles should be moments to pause and reflect inwardly.

“Your external world is always mirroring whatever is happening in your internal world,” she notes. Sarah emphasizes the importance of going within, understanding one’s patterns, and addressing inner blocks to manifest the life one desires.

Creativity and Spirituality

For Sarah, creativity is a spiritual expression. She believes in the concept of channeling energy – whether it’s life force energy, higher self, or divine wisdom – into creative endeavors.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to let the life force flow through you in whatever channel resonates most and doing it in a way that’s just for the pure joy and pleasure of creating,” she explains.

Resources and Practices

Sarah emphasizes the importance of daily practices that connect one with their inner self. Whether it’s meditation, journaling, or spending time in nature, these practices are vital for tuning into one’s inner voice and emotions.

Sarah’s Current Projects

Sarah currently offers one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, and retreats. She combines astrology, life coaching, and healing to guide individuals through significant life changes. Additionally, she publishes a bi-monthly newsletter that provides insights into current energetic shifts and strategies for navigating change.

For more on Sarah Boss’s work and how to engage with her services, visit her website at sarahsoulboss.com.

In conclusion, Sarah Boss’s journey exemplifies the profound connection between creativity and healing. Her insights into astrology, spirituality, and creativity offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to embark on their own path of self-discovery and empowerment. Engage with Sarah’s work to unlock your creative potential and heal your soul.

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