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Where to Exercise in Paris

It’s a new decade, you made it! Congratulate yourself! “Add more physical activity to a daily routine” “get stronger,” and “take better care of my body” are all very common New Year’s Resolutions but you may find yourself wondering, how you can accomplish this goal while jet-setting to Paris. If you’re here on a study abroad semester, for a few weeks for work, an expat or even just here on vacation, navigating where to get a good sweat can be a bit confusing. Could you join a gym? Do you run in the park? Which park? What if you hate running? (Asking for a friend…) So, if you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to get more fit in the city of lights, or if you’re just a little curious about how to work out more while you’re here – I got you covered!

First things first, go for a walk!

Walking is one of the best ways to add exercise into your routine if you’re not already big on working out. With the transport strikes still causing issues with some metro and train travel, it’s the perfect time to bust out those shoes and explore the city on foot. Walk to the other side of the city, walk along the river, walk to and from the massive dinner you’re planning to have. Paris is a very walkable city. Walk up through Montmartre if you want more of a challenge – the hills and the stairs will certainly help you break a sweat.

Another idea… basically the same, but also different!

Go hike! There are plenty of really nice parks in and around Paris with miles and miles of hiking trails. The park at Buttes-Chaumont is great for walking, Parc de la Villette has loads to see and do, and the Bois de Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne are right outside of the city with hiking trails, lakes and pretty nature. If you’re really motivated, you can pop out to Fontainebleau or check out one of these hikes listed within 1.5 hours of Paris.

I’d rather do yoga!

While Yoga studio membership can be a bit pricey, if you’re traveling through Paris and want to catch a quick yoga class, Affordable Yoga and Fitness has classes all over the city at varying times. They offer m

ultiple types of yoga plus Boot Camps, Barre classes and Zumba classes. The best part? You can sign up for classes via their app, the price is low and all the classes are in English. It’s perfect if you are here for a week or two and don’t want to get out of the habit of taking group classes. Namaste!

Want more variety? We’ve got ClassPass!

ClassPass has hit Paris and it’s a great way to try out a variety of different work out plans if that is more your style. They have yoga, cycling, strength training, boxing, crossfit, meditation and more – all easily bookable via their app or website, at over 400 locations all over the city. Make your own workout schedule by booking classes with renewable credits and get after it!

I’m here long term and I’m looking for something more traditional.

There are several gyms in Paris that are affordable if you’re here for a while. Neoness offers no-frills, cheap, low commitment gym memberships in their facilities all over the city. Certain options allow you to pay even less if you agree to only come during off-peak hours, you can choose to pay more for their group classes, etc. Neoness plans are very customizable. There are also many other gym chains that have welcome offers to choose from. This website can help you find the right gym for you!

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